Project Management Power App


  • Dynamic and filterable project overview
  • Folder structure incl. Notes is created automatically
  • Automatic access to data & notes
  • Move project data by flow (Power Automate)
  • Integrated ToDo list for remaining work
  • Fotoupload per Handy
  • Direct input of notes (no need to save – patch function)
  • Accounting access via Microsoft Teams or via web browser
With Power Apps we developed an app for project management for the company Frankenberg Elektrotechnik.

In combination with Power Automate we create the folder structure by flow and move it after completion. In addition, there is the possibility of to-dos (so-called “remaining work”) incl. Photo to be deposited.

The app can be operated via cell phone for employees on the construction site, and the accounting department accesses the same app via Microsoft Teams or via web browser.

The project structure in the background of the Power App is implemented with SharePoint.

The customer can manage projects more efficiently and keep track of tasks through this app.