Accident reporting app


  • Fast data acquisition and simple operation
  • Forwarding via Power Automate Flow to the respective supervisor
  • This is followed by a TOP analysis of the accident report
  • Overview of own messages
  • Print function
  • Jedes Feld wird per Popup einfach erklärt
  • Ablage in Microsoft SharePoint
  • The app runs in the browser, directly in Microsoft Teams and on any cell phone & tablet!

The accident reporting app with Microsoft Power Apps


For a company, which must not be named yet, we have created a specific app that runs without additional licenses and accounts in the Microsoft Cloud.
The customer was interested in the ease of use and the ability to launch the app from any device.

We built this app with Power Apps, which is based on SharePoint data and automated with Power Autome Flows.


Process Digitization with Power Apps

This app replaces the previous laborious paper process!

This accident prevention app will help prevent or reduce accidents through the following features:

Risk identification

The app can monitor the user’s environment and alert them to potential risks, such as uneven sidewalks, slippery floors or hazardous working conditions.

Safety guides

The app enables the development of safety guides and checklists to remind users how best to act in certain situations.


The app can send alerts and notifications so that affected people can be helped quickly.


The results of the app entries assists in the development of training to help users learn safe work practices and raise awareness of potential hazards.

Accident reporting

The app reports accidents and collects information about how accidents happen to support future prevention efforts.


The app results can be derived to feedback and recommendations. This allows the employee to improve their safety based on data such as gait, acceleration or time of use.

Ultimately, the functions of this accident prevention app depend on the specific requirements and target groups.
An app for a construction site would be different from an app for everyday office use or for sports.

Olbricht IT can respond to these different requirements and create the right Power App!